DiskExplorer for NTFS

DiskExplorer for NTFS 4.32

It enables you to investigate your NTFS drive and conduct your data recovery
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There are various disk editing and data recovery software available in the market today, however operating system compatibility issues are very common in this regard. The Runtime's DiskExplorer presents an efficient option to perform all similar tasks, in form of Windows based Disk Editor that works on both Windows as well as Linux File Systems.

The application facilitates the user to investigate the NTFS drives and perform necessary data recovery as per personal needs. The user can navigate through NTFS drives by jumping to a particular partition table, master file table, boot record or the root directory.

DiskExplorer also provides an option to choose from various views such as hex, index allocation, boot record, text, MFT, and also to inspect these file entry details. Therefore it makes life easier for the user, and helps greatly in searching the entire drive for any MFT entries, index buffers, as well as to view and save files or entire directories from any location within the drive.

The program also provides an option to create a virtual volume when the boot record is lost or corrupted, and comes with an advance option to edit your drive by using the direct read/write or the virtual write mode, however it is not recommended for novice users.

As a whole this commanding disk editor enables the user to navigate through the drives by going directly to the partition table, using browser-style back and forth arrows, visiting boot records, FAT or root directory, or by jumping to a certain sector.

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  • Works on both windows and linux file systems


  • File system version compatibilty issues
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